Emotional Self-Care

When it comes to your emotional health, one of the best self-care tips is to make sure you fully engage with your emotions. When you face them head-on, this actually helps with stress. You may feel tempted to push down feelings like sadness or anger but it’s healthy to feel them, accept them, and move on.

Remember that emotions are not “good” or “bad” in themselves. You are not blameworthy for the emotions you feel; only how you behave in response to them.

On this theme, consider any one or more of the following 23 ways to practice emotional self care and letting go :

Emotional Self-Care Ideas

Following are 22 ways to practice emotional self-care and letting go –

  1. Learn to say yes to yourself and your needs. Yes, we all have essential needs and it is important to honor yours!
  2. Cultivate emotional intelligence. Honor and respect your emotions, however be aware they are not really you and you can choose to let them go.
  3. Take care of and start listening to your body. When you start paying attention and listening to your body, you will notice it is giving you signals in relation to how it is feeling and what it needs.
  4. Become aware of your language and what you say to yourself. Remember how you speak to yourself is linked to your emotions.   Some say many people wouldn’t go out to lunch with someone who talked to them like they talk to themselves.
  5. Learn to identify triggers to your emotions. Once you have identified your triggers, identify different ways to consciously respond or be with them in an ecological way (i.e. safe for you, the environment and other people).
  6. Realize the importance of having boundaries – for yourself and others. Then decide to have and cultivate them.
  7. Practice meditation and learn how to be with this moment.
  8. Ask for help or get support from a coach, a mental health professional or someone you trust to support you on your journey.
  9. Make time in your schedule for rest and white space.
  10. Take time out to reflect in your journal and identify what is bothering you.
  11. Develop the habit of gratitude. Maybe make a gratitude jar so you can celebrate the things you are grateful for each day.
  12. Give unconditionally – no strings attached. Whilst you are doing this, notice how it feels!
  13. Allow yourself to receive. Yes you may like to give, however you also have to learn to receive. It may be you start saying thank you to a compliment. Whatever feels best for you, however allow yourself to receive with grace.
  14. Become aware of your self-talk or inner critic, but realize that inner critic is not the true wisdom within you as your true wisdom doesn’t speak to you like that!
  15. Practice self-compassion daily. Swami Krapalu said  “The highest form of compassion is self observation without judgment.”
  16. Allow yourself to make mistakes (ecologically of course) and realize no-one is perfect.
  17. Listen to your favorite music. Maybe even create a playlist for self-care or self-love!
  18. Be responsible for your actions.
  19. Have some fun and enjoy life. Identify some activities that you enjoy and schedule them in to your diary. Maybe even have a relaxing bath with essential oils!
  20. Tap in to your creativity. Maybe it’s cooking, drawing, painting, dancing or ??? Identify what you enjoy and take some time out to play.
  21. Accept yourself – “To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh
  22. “Above all, be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it.”

Practice Forgiveness. Letting go of anger because “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

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