Class Schedule

Class schedule

Call for more details on these classes or to schedule a private or group session  781-264-8849

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7:30-8:45 pm Beginner Basics – (Warm) Level 1  (Great for Beginners or those who want a slightly more gentle class) at Open Doors Norwell Level 1  $17  ($12 for Seniors) 

10:30 – 11:30 am  Gentle Kripalu Yoga – 602 Webster St. Hanover.  Class size limited to 6.  $10 Reservations Required. Call for reservation  781-264-8849


6:00 – 7:00 pm Gentle Kripalu Yoga/Meditation -Hanover Senior Center – Free Yoga Beyond the Mat –  New Series beginning February 19, 2020 Hanover Senior Center 665 Center Street, Hanover, MA  February 19, 26, March 4, 11, 18 25.


12:00 – 1: 15 pm  Gentle Kripalu Yoga/Meditation – 602 Webster St. Hanover.  Class size limited to 6. $10 Reservations Required.  Call for reservation  781-264-8849


 Schedule varies –  Check Open Doors Norwell schedule

10:30-11:30 am Slow Flow (Unheated) – All levels at Open Doors Norwell Level 1  $17  ($12 for Seniors)

Upcoming dates:  March 8, March 29, April 5

This slow flow Vinyasa Yoga is a flowing blend of different styles of yoga. This practice offers a slower progression of sequences and longer holding postures where the entire mind and body are brought into balance in this focused class. 

Dragonfly Yoga Studio –  844 Webster Street, Marshfield, MA

Upcoming classes: See descriptions below:

Saturday March 14

8:30 am   GENTLE FLOW – incorporates the best of both worlds (like our ‘all levels’ class).  Gently warming the body up with slow stretches, mediative practices and breath work draws in the elements of our chill class…building strength and heat with stronger poses like warrior 1 and holding for challenging lengths of time creates the flow vibe.  Incorporating modifications and props we find the perfect level and pace for our body in this slower moving more beginner minded flow class with the reassurance and familiarity of your chill practice. COME TRY, IT’S A NICE STEPPING STONE INTO YOUR FLOW WORLD, WHILST STILL ENJOYING LOTS OF STRETCHING FROM THE CHILL WORLD:)

10:15 am  Chill – moving slowly and gently for the much older body, slower body, ailing body, injured body, healing body and ‘newbie’ body in mind…we will work through some great accessible stretches with the help of yoga props which help work with our tight shoulders, bothersome knees and unhappy lower backs to assist in the various yoga moves that you will work through…our practice is designed to wake up muscles, lubricate the joints, create strength in the bones & circulate and mindfully/slowly invigorate the vascular and cardiac systems. creating positional movement of the body, helps release tight muscles and brings much relief from pain. also, creating a great mind-set with the intention of a calm, clear, alert and peaceful mind ready to take on the day or head to bed  – with a body that feels more at ease and a mind that feels totally connected.  THIS CLASS IS BRILLIANT FOR BEGINNERS AND THOSE LOOKING TO GO SLOWLY, GENTLY AND CREATING A REALLY TRANQUIL PRACTICE.

Sunday April 19

8:30 am  Gentle Flow – see description above

10:15 am Chill Class – see description above