What is Chair Yoga?


In chair yoga the poses are done while sitting on a chair or standing next to a chair using the support of the chair to make poses accessible.

Individuals who practice yoga in a chair or with the aid of a chair can receive the many of the same benefits realized by traditional yoga on a mat.  Benefits such as the integration of body, mind, and spirit that brings enhanced health and well-being to those who practice.


Just about anyone can benefit from practicing chair  yoga.  Chair yoga is an accessible way to practice yoga for individuals with physical and/or weight differences:   Allowing them to gain all the benefits of yoga without stressing joints, supporting body weight or being worried about balance.

A regular practice of yoga in a chair can benefit individuals with chronic health conditions such as arthritis, osteopenia, osteoporosis, heart disease, COPD, emphyzema. Even those confined to a wheelchair can practice chair yoga and receive its many benefits.

It is also a way to practice yoga in the office for individuals who might be feeling the effects of long periods of sitting, using a computer or cell phone and dealing with stressful situations. Many simple chair yoga movements can help relieve tension and stress both in mind and body that can accumulate during the work day.

Chair yoga is also a great way to begin a yoga practice for those who might not feel ready for traditional yoga practice.  It’s great for seniors, individuals with vision impairment, or for those who might be recovering from illness or injury.

Even seasoned yogis can enjoy a chair yoga session now and again.


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