Coronavirus Resource Guide: Latest News, Facts, and Myths

Entering the Next Phase of COVID-19

Coronavirus continues to threaten the health and safety of everyone, and remains the biggest danger we face. Only by being conscious of this fact can you continue to do your part in saving countless lives, including your own and your loved ones, as we settle into the new normal. Here are some of the most important things that you need to remember at all times. 

Stay Vigilant

As restrictions lift, people are re-experiencing the world anew. With the virus unresolved, always take necessary precautions venturing outside.

Protect Your Home

As you spend more and more time outside, these measures help ensure that COVID-19 never sets foot inside your home.

  • Cleaning your house regularly and thoroughly is a must in preventing the spread of COVID-19.
  • You’ll want to have a protocol of sorts before entering your home so COVID-19 stays outside, such as disinfecting your shoes.
  • When in doubt, consider splurging on a cleaning service to deep-clean and disinfect your home; this costs most homeowners $167.

Maintain Optimum Health

Of course, good health is still your best line of defense against COVID-19. Staying fit and maintaining ample nutrition will help you ward off infection and ensure the odds are stacked in your favor.

Hopefully the threat of COVID-19 will go away any day now, but until that day comes, few things are more important than constant vigilance. The fight continues, so do your part to ensure that you end up on the winning side.

Sensory Self-Care is all about helping to calm your mind

Sensory self-care is all about helping to calm your mind.  It also helps to boost mood and energy.

When you are able to tune into the details of the sensations all around you,

it’s easier to live in the present moment. And when you’re in the present, you can

more effectively let go of resentments related to the past or anxieties about the future. When you think about practicing sensory self-care, consider all of your senses: touch, smell, sound, and sight. Most people are more responsive to one than the others, so ask yourself what that sense might be for you.

In the teachings of Ayurvedic medicine (the sister science of yoga and oldest continuously practiced form of medicine in the world [2-5000 years old])  Prana or life force comes into our systems through our senses.  In yoga you will typically hear instructors saying that the breath is prana –  and to a certain degree that is true –  but in absolute truth – Prana simply rides in on the breath.  It is what gives us a sense of aliveness and well being.  But prana also enters our bodies and minds through each of our senses – : touch, smell, sound, sight and even taste.

Think about the things you do that make you feel happy and energized – fully alive.  As you do – refine your thinking to identify the senses that are in play during that activity.

For example – you may feel most alive in the garden.  Smelling the flowers, feeling the dirt in your hands and under your nails, taking in the sights the colors, shapes and natural beauty, perhaps listening to the birds nearby and if your garden grows edible plants – perhaps the taste of the fruits of your labors – fresh and flavorful.  That sense of aliveness you feel is prana riding in through all of your senses.

It’s not necessary to find activities that activate every sense.  But recognizing the life giving gift of prana in the simplest of activities can increase a sense of happiness and well being – 

The following examples of sensory self-care involve at least one sense, but often more.

Sensory Self-Care Ideas

  1. Cuddling up under a soft blanket.
  2. Going to the countryside and focusing on the smell of the air.
  3. Watching the flames of a candle or a fire.
  4. Feeling the water on your skin during a hot bath or shower.
  5. Focusing on the movements of your own breathing (/and-breathe/).
  6. Lying down and listening to music with your eyes closed.
  7. Sitting in the heat of the afternoon sun.
  8. Having a small square of the most delicious chocolate.
  9. Walking barefoot in the grass.
  10. Having a massage with essential oils.
  11. Holding a pet in your arms.